1. The congress server does not respond after it is started up and corresponding indicator is on. 

A: The server is a PC and it should perform a self-check before activating the entire system. The server takes more than 1 minute to start up. 

2. The congress terminal cannot be started up or an error occurs during startup. 
A: The server does not detect the congress terminal. 
① Start the server. Make sure the server has been completely started up before switching on the congress terminal. 
② Check whether the terminal has been started up. 
③ Check whether the transmitter is properly connected to the server. 
④ If the problem persists, contact technicians. 

3. The dome camera cannot be controlled. 
①Check whether the "+" and "–" of the RS-485 cable is reversely connected and whether the copper core of the binding post is inserted into the RS-484 interface of the central control unit and locked. 
②Check the ID and protocol settings of the dome camera. The central control unit supports PELCO-P9600 camera.