Which One Will be Your Solution?

When it comes to sharing experience, no one does not eager to learn from actual application. For AV industry engineers, the application cases are just what they desire.

Case one: With the support of government, a college will upgrade its lecture hall to a multi-functional one to meet the demand of holding a large-scale and international conference. Besides the existing equipment,  it need to add more new equipment to expand the current systems. 

Existing devices: B brand conference discussion system, B Brand IR simultaneous interpretation system(60 seats)

Added Devices: GONSIN 5600 series flush mounted digital conference discussion system(180 seats) 

The project requires a controllable budget and stable system performance. According to the current condition, GONSIN 5600 conference system with basic discussion module and interpretation module are used. With GONSIN universal box( simultaneous interpretation audio converter), Brand B interpretation system will be connected to GONSIN system, to form a larger system, interconnecting with different brands’ simultaneous interpretation systems. 

System Diagram:

Case Two: a conference equipment rental company provides a complete set of conference system solution for a garden exhibition opening ceremony. The conference will be held in indoor and outdoor at the same time. The rental company has already purchased T brand IR simultaneous interpretation system and IR wireless conference systems, and it needs to buy more devices to meet the demand. According to the conference venues demand, GONSIN has designed a set of complete solution with the core solution of 30000 series FS-FHSS(frequency selecting, frequency hopping spread spectrum) wireless congress system, to be connected with the existing T brand devices. 
Existing devices: T brand IR simultaneous interpretation system, T brand IR wireless conference discussion system

Added devices: GONSIN 30000 series FS-FHSS wireless congress system( wireless discussion system+FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system) 

GONSIN 30000 series FS-FHSS wireless congress system utilizes GONSIN-developed FS-FHSS technology. With GONSIN universal box, GONSIN FS-FHSS wireless congress system could work with existing devices and avoid the sunlight interference to IR devices in outdoor venue. 

System Digrams: 


Case Three: The parliament needs to be installed simultaneous interpretation system for its public seats and added 100 seats of interpretation system. It requires long usable period, stable system performance, a short time to complete the project. The parliament has already been installed by GONSIN 20000 series economical paperless conference system. According to the upgrade demand, GONSIN has provided FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system solution. 

Existing devices: GONSIN 20000 series economical paperless conference system

Added devices: GONSIN FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system

Two system will be integrated by GONSIN universal box. This combined solution not only solves the complicate application problem, but also reduces budget and construction time. 

System Digram:


All above is just a little bit of the application for GONSIN universal box. For more information, you can always welcome to communicate with us.

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