GONSIN "إمكانيات لا نهائية فعالة ومريحة" قد انتهت بنجاح في مدينة شيآن

Introduction: In recent years, with the development of global communications technology, especially recent two or three years, the pace of development and the applications of wireless communication technology have surpassed the fixed communications technology and have shown a trend of development in full swing. As a industry-leading provider of conferencing system solutions, since the early days, GONSIN insist on the independence, the innovation and the product differentiation strategy, at the same time, GONSIN has made an outstanding achievement and many technological breakthroughs in the field of wireless technology.

                                       On-the-spot exchanges

June 30, sponsored by GONSIN, helped by China Entertainment Technology Association in the seventh group and the Shaanxi provincial institute of stage art, "Efficient and convenient - wireless possibilities " as the theme of technology exchange and a news conference of DCS-3021 wireless conference system was held in Xi'an Grand New World Hotel. The main content of the conference is about wireless products, wireless technology and engineering installation and commissioning  of today’s  conference industry market and so on.




At the conference, by means of product introduction, system demonstration and product experience etc, we dissect the new technology and new applications of DCS-3021 Wireless discussion system. Warm atmosphere, participating manufacturers, industry media and audiences are highly concerned about new products, and give praise.

                            Ceremony of DCS-3021 new product

                            DCS-3021 Wireless Discussion System

This exchange has also displayed a variety of GONSIN latest products, including wireless conference discussion system, DSSS wireless interpretation system, economical paperless conference system, discussion system with voting, wired voting systemPA system, video conferencing system, the central control system.

                   BJ-W5 Wireless voting system

                  DCS-1021 Wireless Conference System


         DCS-2021 Economical paperless conference system

                TL-3300 Conference discussion system
                  BJ-04-W Discussion system with voting

To reward customers who support our products for long-term, this activity has set up specially a prize draw and the generous prize is DCS-3021 wireless conference system which makes the customer very excited. 

                           Customers receive the fabulous prizes

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