GONSIN تفسير سحر العلامة التجارية الوطنية

Introduction:In the morning of the 12th of May, CEBE of China is opened at the Moscowexhibition center for four days. Brand and quality are the two lifelines for China to step into an electronic manufacturing powerful country from a big manufacturing country. Chinese CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade ) is held independently for the first time in Moscow in order to exhibit the electrical appliance and to keep the two lifelines free - flowing in the Russian market. There are many well-known electronic enterprises in China have gone on stage for showing together the power of and the charm of Chinese brands like Haier, Hisense, Inspur, Changhong, TCL, Skyworth, Gonsin, Tianle and so on.



              GONSIN  DCS-3021 is applied to CEBE 2015

The director of the ministry of industry and information technology center for international economic and technological cooperation, the vice president and Secretary General of Chinese electronic CCPIT—Gong Xiaofeng delivered the opening speech. He said Sino Russian relationship have entered a new phase of providing the important opportunities and a new phase of developing the priority partners. As one of Russia's largest trading partners, China and Russia have a strong complementarity in the industrial structure. He expressed the hope that this exhibition can provide a new platform for Russian to experience closely the China's high-quality electronic products and can provide the Chinese with opportunities to go to Russia   for studying and expanding the export of new passageways, further more, deepening exchanges and cooperation between China and Russia in the field of electronic information.


GONSIN was invited to participate in the exhibition as the Chinese conference equipment industry's well-known brands, and this exhibition was held successfully. A variety of new products have presented in the exposition and DCS-3021 is become the dazzling star, not only for conference to provide powerful equipment support, but also because it is convenient, stable and practical which attract many businesses to come to consult for us.

Gonsin DCS-3021 wireless digital conference system is a system with no- installation, no-additional equipment, only to be put out and be able to discuss automatically in order to response to the policy of cessation of office buildings and hotels and to reduce conference expenses. Especially it is applicable for the old conference room to be transformed and to be promoted for becoming a temporary meeting place. Just 1host, 1 transceiver and several microphones are enough to hold a meeting.


Convenience is the biggest characteristic of DCS-3021whichmainly reflected in its installations and uses,  DCS-3021 adopts 2.4G frequency hopping technology, no- installation, no additional equipment, before the meeting, the system will check automatically the venue wireless signal and select a number of clean frequency band . When the conference began and the venue wireless signal changes, the current band will automatically jump to the other optional clean frequency for ensuring the stability of the system communications.


Miniaturized / packaging integration design is easy to move and manage the whole system; The host comes offline 1 into 8 SD video tracking matrix (support HD); without a single off at the end of the meeting, the host can be centralized and be turn off.

The function of DCS-3021have greatly improved the efficiency of works, have also got rid of the shackles of wire to ensure the adaptability of different places. ost can be centralized and be turn off.

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