(GONSIN) FS-FHSS نظام الترجمة الفورية بمساعدة مسيرة حاشدة في الهند وباكستان

Jalsa Salana Qadian 2015 was held from 25th to 28th December in 2015 in Amritsar India. The city situates in Punjap State in northwestern India, is the stronghold in the Indian border and also is the holy land. Near the Pakistan, Punjap bordered Himalayas to the north. The altitude of it is about 218 meters, its temperature is from -3 to 20 degree Celsius, it is  Eurasia monsoon climate. The headquarter of it situates in London, England with dozens of  divisions in the globe. Every year, it held the annual Pilgrimage and the Indian event is relatively larger. 

It is a grand outdoor religion activity. Because the rally gatheres members from more than 40 countries, it covers 10 languages such as English, Russian, Arabic, etc. There are the foreigners and Indians who speak different dialects. As a result, it requires one mass simultaneous interpretation that is suitable for the mass outdoor rally and works with the unstable outdoor environment factors such as the sunshine interference, the high humility in air, almost 20 degree Celsius diurnal temperature difference. With more than 25,000 peoples attending this rally, the rally is divided into two areas, namely, the male area and the female area. The male area has 700 seats with simultaneous interpretation receivers with 10 channels, the female area has 300 seats with 6 channels. In this activity, with 360 meters cables, there are synchronous parts and there are separate parts. During the event, it needs  to transmit one video signal and four language signals from the headquarter in London to Indian rally. To realize the transmission of multiple languages from other continent, requires the devices equipped with the capacity of remote transmission of audio data and quick audio channels switch function.

In the communication with the customers, we knew that in the past years, they used a set of one channel wired audio transmission system built by themselves. During the operation, the organizer would distribute the participants in accordance to the language. By connecting the earphone to the audio cable in the ground, it realized the audio transmission. Consequently, it is a time-consuming project and is easily stuck in troubles. It could realize only one interpreter voice transmission. With longer operation time and the larger scale, the original system could not meet the demand from the customers . After we know the customer demand and the current situation, we find it very important to design a set of wireless interpretation system. In the current wireless simultaneous interpretation technology, it could be divided into two major parts, namely IR technology and FM technology. What is more, the frequency bands of FM applied to transmit the audio signal is VHF frequency band and UHF frequency band. 

Based on the physical character of Infrared ray, it is sensitive to sunshine and other high-frequency light source; at the same time, its wave length is relatively shorter and its diffractivity is weaker, so it can only meet the demand of the straight line transmission. Although the infrared ray can reflect to some extent, the effect is limited, and it is mainly applied in the small and medium size indoor conference. If it utilized FM modulated analog audio VHF frequency band and UHF(400-800MHz) frequency band, the signal to noise ratio is low. Each channel just occupies one frequency point, to realize 16 channels interpretation requires 16 free frequency points at least. During the operation, 16 frequency points is fixed. When it faces the unavoidable interference and the frequency resource of VHF frequency band is few, when the FM radio signals are various and are transmitted by the  superpower base station and cover too much area, it is difficult to ensure no inference for the 16 frequency points of the simultaneous interpretation. In India, the usage of FM frequency band and UHF (400-800MHz) frequency band need permission.

Considering kinds of technical factors, operation environment and function requirements, customers select GONSIN FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system after full understanding and on-site product test. The system used  2.4 GHz as transmission carrier, utilized GONSIN self-developed FS-FHSS technology, take advantage of the unique base band modulation mechanism, use one frequency point to transmit 4 channel( 16 languages just require 4 frequency points),which improves the usage rate of the wireless resource. The customer just need transmission unit to meet its simultaneous interpretation demand and reduce the difficulty of the engineering installation. Before operation, FS-FHSS technology monitors the wireless environment and select the free frequency points, provided many spare frequency points. During  operation, when the frequency point get interference , it will hop between many spare frequency points, which avoids interference. That system could adjust the signal transmission power in according to the operation, the adjustment is from 50 meters to 500 meters( the customized system could reach 200 meters). Aim to the large scale of the audience area and up to 360 meters on site, GONSIN technical team adjusted the system accurately, which makes the signal transmission be the best. Meanwhile, the extended function of the simultaneous interpretation server meets the demand of remote transmission of multiple language from London.

On December 23rd,  GONSIN technical team arrived at the site of activity in order to ensure that the event would be held successfully. With extreme diurnal temperature difference, high humility,  frosting in the morning and strong sunshine, the cables are laid outdoors or overhead. It is a extreme challenge for the GONSIN devices to be cool-proof, damp-proof, anti-high temperature. With the professional FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system designed for the outdoor application environment, exquisite craftsmanship and the outstanding quality, all these environment problems would be solved. At the same time, the system has high resistance for interference, and is immune to inference from light source, wireless communication equipment, signal jammer. It could transmit the signal to the corresponding area effectively and ensure the operation of interpretation.

With large scale signal coverage , there is up to 1000 seat equipped with interpreter receivers. There is up to 25,000 people attending the rally. Customers takes the people flow and cell phone interference into consideration. GONSIN FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation system has strong transmission capacity and transmit signal at all direction. The participant’s motion would cases no interference in the signal  effective area. The system maximum capacity is unlimited. With the super-scale transmission area and high density of participants, GONSIN technical team debug the system accurately, the response from the customer is Perfect!

In the last part of the activity, with the remote signal transmission from London to India, four language data is input into GONSIN wireless simultaneous interpretation system clearly and stably, which dramatically improve the efficiency of the conference. The organizer and the participants has unanimously aggress that GONSIN FS-FHS simultaneous interpretation is the biggest highlight of the event.

One mass activity could not be separate from professional team and equipment. GONSIN has insisted in the self-independent  innovation and product differentiation strategy. All products has their intellectual properties. Since its self-developed DSSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation system that was the first in China, GONSIN has  gathered much experience in the field of simultaneous interpretation system. FS-FHSS wireless digital simultaneous interpretation system is upgraded and innovated version based on mature GONSIN DSSS system. It utilized GONSIN self-develop FS-FHSS technology and precise wireless signal radio control technology and remote interpretation transmission technology, and build the professional outdoor simultaneous interpretation system solution. With the hard work from GONSIN team, GONSIN will offer you various high-level audio and video solution from all perspectives.